Can you spare some change?

Change. We all want it. We “want to make America great again.” In 2008 it we wanted “change to believe in” and even back in 1992 we heard “For people, for a change.” It seems like all we ever want is change, but everyone isn’t ready or willing. These words were spoken by our presidential candidates in order to gain access to the White House. The problem isn’t with the presidents or the words they speak.  It is because of all of us that our problems don’t go away. It is our fault! Change won’t happen if we don’t make it happen. For example, our president could be all about recycling. That won’t change millions of Americans from contributing to landfills every week. Each one of us should be selfish and recycle, not for anyone else’s benefit, but simply for our own pride. If you decided to wake up each day and make a few great decisions in your life, that in itself would better America as a whole. If you’re walking down the street and see some trash, pick it up and place it in a bin. If you see something wrong in your life, make that extra effort to improve it.

Common sense is not common anymore, we see this more and more as our society gets lazier and lives with greed. We take so much for granted. Our country slows down innovation and technological advancement just so it can make a little more money. So many countries have much more advanced technology and internet speeds than we do. We have monopolies here. We aren’t supposed to, but we do. When companies such as Comcast have an entire area all to themselves and are the only ones offering faster service, they can make up the rules as they go along. They can charge more than usual for less in different areas if they’ve got that area to themselves. Why do we let this happen? Why aren’t we standing together and defending our positions? How are we suppose to make these changes if no one will do what it takes?

We also have people in Congress and the House that have been there for decades. How are we to make changes when they’ve carried the same old position for years? How are we supposed to get proper representation for our country when so many votes are biased by lobbyists? This election of 2016 is a fucking joke. I’ve thought we haven’t had good choices for the past few elections but this one tops it. Others and myself don’t understand how our country can be taken seriously when our candidates can’t shut up long enough to talk about real issues. They bitch about petty bullshit that has everything to do with them but not about our country. They are disrespectful towards each other. It looks like a couple of 5th graders that belong in detention. Couldn’t we get anyone smarter than a fifth-grader? The presidency seems to be only a game to them and I think we deserve to be taken seriously. I’ve also had it with this “Democrat / Republican” crap. Third parties and independents never have a real chance at winning. They should be in the debates as well. I could tell Bernie Sanders was serious about making some real changes, you can look at his political record and see that he’d have made a great president. Unfortunately all the people that can actually do the job, get voted off the island because the people of our country are too lazy to research the candidates properly. You know who you are. Instead of relying on your friend’s word about something as important as this, do your own research and come up with an opinion all of your own. You want change? Work for it. Make change. It’s that simple to get started.

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