Open your eyes people, because many of you live in the darkness.

This will be a deep conversation, made to work your mind. Meant to make you ask questions and dig for the facts. I will share a very personal experience I went though and what I learned from it. So here we go. There have been a couple of discussions over the last few days that got me thinking and I need to get something off my chest involving the media, Facebook articles, and other things you see on a daily basis. Ok. The media is a business. It is a business based on the support of the viewing audience. It does not alway report the truth. It does not report everything. What they do is report what they know is popular and what they know is going to fire people up. If they didn’t, nobody would watch it. That is why they always want to be the first at the scene, the first to report something, the best place for up to date stories, and that is exactly what they are; stories.


This is why you see an article stating: “Unarmed black man shot by police” and not “Unarmed white man shot by police”. I assure you it does happen, and it happens a lot. Do your research people. I will tell you why you don’t see headline articles of the white guy getting shot. It is not a hot topic, it is not a debatable, enraging, key story. It’s fucking boring! The media knows if they report on another “Freddy Grey” or similar story that it will be big. It will create lots of discussion and create lots of attention. Look at the comment sections on the bottom of these stories and it should tell you everything you need to know. It’s hot news. Why do they only report these stories? It’s because with all this drama, they are at the hub of it all. They get to be the ones to bring you the updates, they get to be the hot news. Why again? Because they are a fucking business!!! Memes are just made by people looking to get “likes” and can range from absurd to true, but mostly it is a feeble ass attempt to get attention. Not to be taken seriously, not to be used as evidence. I will say this again because it is important: Do your own research and stop taking things at face value! Hell most of the people who see these drama filled stories on Facebook and other places don’t even click on them to read the distorted mess. They read the damn headline and go with that. You might as well be watching TMZ for their up to date slew of drama drenched garbage. What the media does infuriates me.


Now, I am going to talk about race for a minute. I know, I know, this topic has been beaten to death lately and really I shouldn’t comment, but I really do have to get some things off my chest. First off I am going to state a fact from a very debatable portion of my opinion. Racism does exist. It is still a problem in America! A very big problem. You may believe otherwise and I do respect your opinion. So respect mine, because after all, it is, just an opinion. It plays a role in getting a job. It plays a role in getting a loan. It plays a role if you get that apartment or not. People still look down on African-Americans. This goes beyond the origins of slavery. Thank god we have gotten past thinking someone of another color needs to work for you. We have gotten past that, however it still plays a very functional role in society. Now having said that, I will say this; It does not play a role in everything. I have come across a few people that believe this to be true. I will not name anyone because this isn’t about someone else, it is about my views on how things are. Everyone thinks differently, everyone has different opinions on things and they are entitled to think however they would like. Personally, I feel that the people who think everything is about color are sad. It is not that big of a problem. There are things that happen that do not have their roots based on race. Don’t be upset. This is a good thing, right? It means we are making improvements.


To branch off of this for a bit I want to touch on the other side of the spectrum. Reverse racism. This doesn’t have to mean what most would think it means. Let me explain. Because of these hot topics, because of all the talk about equality, a black man being given more time than a white man, or the shootings. Because of the magnifying glass that the media has pointed at these issues and served up to us all on a big ass TV, judges have been going out of their way to hammer the white guy in court and people have been going out of their way to be extra nice to a black person in a store. This would be great if it were for the right reasons. It is not because they genuinely care more, or because they think they deserve more time, or even because they feel they are qualified for the job more. It is because they do not want to be called racist. That’s it. They don’t want that focus to be on them. They are scared the next thing that comes out of their mouth will be taken out of context and they will be the next one on the news. I am not talking about that punk ass preppy bitch that served three months in jail for raping that girl. That is another animal entirely. Personally, I do not feel that was a race related sentence. I feel it was about money and wealth. What makes the motherfucking world go around. I have seen many opinions on this specific topic, but I hold true to what I believe was behind it. Just like I told those people. It does happen. It happens more often than people would like to believe. Hell, I would get behind a movement about equal rights in court as long as it is based on facts, not just one heavily publicized media story. This kind of thing happens quite a lot. People get under-sentenced and over-sentenced for various reasons. Some are race related, some are not, but it is not all based on race. Who can say that the sentence is fair or not? Just for reference I am not talking about that guy, he should have gotten north of ten years, but then again that’s my opinion. I guarantee I can find a black man who got under sentenced by a white judge. I can find anything I want. It has all happened. It only becomes an issue when the media says it’s an issue. Where is the uproar for all the other black men (innocent or not) that were over-sentenced. What about all the white guys (and gals) that were under-sentenced?



It doesn’t matter, because the media hasn’t told you it matters yet. You see what I am getting at here? It is the hot story until something else becomes the hot story. You ever notice how a particular story is all the rage, has all the focus on it, until something else happens? I see these waves upon waves of different stories coming and going, and frankly there are a few you of I watch come and fucking go with them without ever realizing that there are stories like that one going on at all times. There are DUI killings, mass murders, race and hate crimes, police shooting unarmed people, and many other hot topics happening at the same time. All over the United States. You don’t see them or know about them, because you are like a baby bird with your mouth open waiting for mother media to come by and feed you a fucking worm. Open your eyes people! For all you out there that actually do your own research, God bless you. You are not part of the problem. We can even disagree, as long as you do your research. I respect the hell out of that. The beautiful thing about an opinion is that everyone has one. Some are weak, and some are strong. It takes a real person to say: “This is my opinion. I may be wrong, but its mine and I’ll fucking stand by it.” If someone proves me or another real person wrong, we can be man enough to admit our faults and adapt to the new information. If you are actually corrected with facts, and you look at the facts and continue preaching your garbage then you are the media junkies I am talking about. For rejecting facts you are not only an idiot, you have a massive ego as well. I just wanted to cover this because I normally keep some opinions to myself and I know that if I were to state them when not needed, there would be a huge debate. While I enjoy getting into debates with real people, I do not debating with someone who has bad form.

This is not meant to be a debate. This is not meant to be a rant. This is to help people realize what is going on around them. After reading this (if you are reading this long ass book) you find yourself with two options: #1. Tell yourself that I am full of shit, and continue going about your day or #2: Realize that I speak the truth. Take a step back, think about what I am saying, and watch for the keys. Watch the news, do your own research, see how many people around you are real and how many are skin deep. Unfortunately, there will be many people around you that you will find fake. They do what they are told. They think what they are told and they don’t voice their opinion for fear of what might be or how people will view them. It’s sad, but its true. Being real has no perks to a social life. You will lose many friends. There are even going to be the people who see the news, know the truth, and don’t care either way. It is easier to take things as they are, than to question them and get to the root of the problem. These people like their life the way it is and they don’t want to change. They don’t want to question everything they are shown on their beautiful TV or computer. The more I explain this, the more it sounds like a realistic, altered version of the Matrix. Hey, it is what it is. Now that we have had a break, and the angry people have calmed down a little, I am going to get back to talking about race a little bit.


There is something else I have noticed about films and commercials these days. We went from the time where people would say that the black guy dies first in a horror movie (which was usually true) to the producers when they’re putting in what I like to call the obligatory African-American role. Let me explain. In every reality TV show (which is a fucking joke and one of the furthest things from reality), movie, commercial, and other production there has been a rise in black co-stars. Please don’t take this like I am saying this is bad or  that I’m disappointed. I am just observant, there is a difference. There has been an abrupt rise in productions almost forcing the role on the audience. If this is just the future of film, and this is the normal process please disregard this topic because I am wrong, but let me further explain my point. This stems from the reverse racism that I talked about earlier. If they feel they are obligated to have a black guy in their cast, this is wrong. First off, they should have had equal (or near equal) roles for a while. If they are indeed filling roles based on color and not character, this is something for you to be mad at as well. This is not fixing the problem. This is forcing people to look at TV and think: “Racism is gone.” Like I said before, in all actuality, it is still a issue, it’s still a big problem. This is a cover up. It is a show putting on the facade that black actors have just as much work as their white counterparts. They are using the media to try to convey that everything is cool. “Buy this movie because we are not racist.” If it didn’t make such a fast climb over a short amount of time, I would have indeed caught it. It was when they started casting black actors in remakes of other films that I caught on and paid attention. This is a hard balance to have and it is hard to explain this unless you have seen it. On one hand, there is always going to be that guy who states I am saying this only because I am jealous, or because I don’t like to see black actors in movies. To you, I say: “You are wrong.” You are missing what I am trying to explain. I very much enjoy movies with black actors and actresses. I was raised watching movies like Friday, Money Talks, and Life. Hell at one point in my childhood I even watched Roots.

I am a very curious person, and I love to be educated, and educate myself. I am very comfortable debating things like this because I know where I stand. I’ll give you a little bio of myself and how I’ve changed. I used to think differently when I was younger. I can even pull up a picture of myself looking like a complete idiot on the cover of my rap album. It’s actually pretty funny. I was raised in the suburbs, and one of the people who watched me while my mom was at work was an old black lady named Celia. She used to work at YWCA as a cook in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I used to stay in the ghetto of Kalamazoo while my mom was at work. My best friends at that age were her sons and daughter. I got a very unique point of view because of where I have been. I got the suburb viewpoint, and I got the ghetto viewpoint. Unfortunately when I got older I made quite a few mistakes. I fell into crime. Growing up since age twelve I found myself in KCJH (Kalamazoo County Juvenile home) and going in and out of placements for years at a time. I got out and never learned. I was a wheel man at seventeen years old. I was damn good at it too, so I had the crime that came with all that. I fell into drugs, and I’ve done some things that I regret, including robbery, arson, felonious assault, stealing cars, shooting out windows, etc. These things landed me in one of the most confusing places I have even been. Prison. I told you those things about me to explain something I had to experience. Not that it was pleasurable, but it was a learning experience. Before I went to prison, while I was in the county jail, I remember a guy explaining what it’s like. Trying to prepare me for the world I was up against. He said these words to me and I will never forget them. He said, “You are white, you are a minority. If you are not racist going into prison, you will be when you come out.” At first, I disregarded his statement. I took it with a grain of salt. I thought, “It might be like that for him but I am cool, I’ll fit right in.” Fuck was I wrong. Prison is a very segregated place. Anyone who has gone can, and will tell you this. I was told to stick with your color, or you will be out-of-place. You will have a hard bit and so on. So, seeing how things are in there and being told this, I did (for a while). I stuck with my own race. The entire time I was in there I got a unique sense of what it is like to be put down because you are a “White boy”. To be singled out because you have nobody in your corner. To have to fight because of nothing. Nothing. Some petty shit in the real world, is some serious shit in the joint. I eventually befriended a black guy named “Earl”.



I won’t go into what he was in for, or any other information because it was not pertinent. I was now looked down by the white guys as well. Because I was working out, hanging out, and talking to a black guy I was singled out by my own race. But wait. Maybe race ain’t that fucking important. I stuck by my decision. I was called a race trader, a nigger lover (excuse the term), and treated like I didn’t exist in every other aspect. Earl taught me so much, and honestly he rescued me from becoming a racist bigot. He set me straight. Pointed out a lot of the flaws in things. Got me thinking. Honestly Earl and another man named Justin formed me into the free thinking, real, observant man who I am today or at very least gave me the foundation to build on. If I would have continued living life in the segregated, angry, and racist places that I was, without someone to snap me out of it and help me out, I would have been a racist guy. I would have never realized what was happening. I was impressionable. It was new. It was how it was. But it didn’t have to be. I picked the word unique because that is a great word to sum up how lucky I am to have had that opportunity. Prison might have been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I now go by character. That’s my thing. I do not judge people. I do characterize people in my head. I envision how I think they are and act, but I never truly judge people. How many people can say that? Unfortunately not all. I base everything on what I see when I meet someone. It doesn’t matter if they are Black, White, Mexican, Hindu, Indian, or anyone else. Being a racist person you can meet a Black guy that will blow your fucking mind. You can meet a White guy that will blow your fucking mind. Believe it or not there are extremely racist black people as well. No, the TV will not tell you this, but I will. I have seen it, and they are not all old by any means. Terrible traits come in every shade of color. Color is just what it is, color. A difference. No different than my wife and I. We are all people regardless of our differences. We all act on the same premise. We all need air, food, water, and stimulation to survive. It’s how we are. In the history of man racism as we know it has only gone back so far. Somewhere along the line racism was created. Some shallow idiot seen the differences and thought they were better than they are because they had different color of skin. Years, decades, centuries have gone by and we are still fixated on the same motherfucking thing. We have made huge advances and improvements in how we interact regarding this timeless issue. Unfortunately, it is still too god damn important.

As I said about six feet up the page, the media hammers this issue. Films cover up this issue. Why? How are we ever to heal this hemorrhage is our society unless we are to face it and make changes. Everyone! Quit waiting on someone else to do it for you. You ever hear “If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem?” That’s right. If you are not willing to actively help heal this problem as a person by teaching your children the values they need, then you are part of the problem. BY TEACHING MY CHILDREN AS EARL TAUGHT ME YEARS AGO!!! You meet someone, then, and only then, can you determine if this person is an asshole, a thug, or a piece of shit. I digress. In summary, don’t believe the shit that the media has hand-picked for you. They are fixated on their business and that one hot issue this week. Everything is not a race related issue. Please do your own research. This is very basic. Not only for issues like this but for everything. Why would you base your interpretation, knowledge, and credibility on the news? Would you base it on word of mouth because that is the same road you are traveling on? I’ve shared a lot of very private information of myself in this. Please don’t abuse it. Me comparing my unique experience is NOT meant to say “Hey, I know how a black guy feels in this world.” Because I do not know how that feels. All I aimed to share was that I got a taste, and it was not pleasant. I know what it is like to be hated for the color of my WHITE skin, for no reason, having never met these people. It sucks, it really does. Nobody wants to be hated or treated differently for no reason other than the color of their skin. I honestly feel for the black guy trying to grow a family in this day and age. It’s fucking hard as hell, without having any distinguishable differences. Fuck. Having that extra bit of challenge would definitely wear on you.

To all my friends on Facebook. I have a wide assortment of people on my friends list. Some Black, some White, some Mexican. People from various points in my childhood, and people I met months ago. This can be taken a few different ways. I believe I was very clear on the ways I meant. This is not a pro-any-race speech. This is an awareness speech. This is a very touchy issue for some and as I have said before this is my opinion and you may disagree. Do not let my opinion and my views of things effect how you see me as a person. I know if the shoe was on the other foot I could agree or respectfully disagree and be fine with it. There is much more to me than this topic, and there is no reason you should base your entire opinion of me solely on this. If you hate me for this and because I am a dick head so be it. Do as I would do. Take this information for what it is, information. A unique view. Another level. To attempt you to keep from looking at things as they come and instead brushing off the book to read the valuable nutrients inside. The knowledge. The fucking information. If you disagree, or think I am 100% full of shit the worst thing you did is waste the time to read this, and if I am not worth the time to read this perspective then why are we friends anyways? I am a very real person. I have a deepness to me, an understanding, a perspective, an ability to see past bullshit. Not all bullshit (I am not GOD) but a lot of it. It has cost me a lot of friends and even a couple of family members, but it is worth it. I can live without certain people. I cannot live in the darkness. Open your eyes people, because many of you live in the darkness. That’s all I got to say about it.

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