Police shootings are out of control

On the topic of sting operations: Lets get this straight. It’s permitted to have the police use outstretched hands and tactics to try to get someone to purchase narcotics they otherwise would not have had. Narcotics this person may have purchased only because they were emotionally distressed that day. Then the police storm the “criminal” with squad cars and drawn weapons forcing the “criminals” body to possibly go into a “fight or flight” REACTION, then they shoot him because he ran or fought back? Hmm, don’t you just love the government? What if I went out and sold doughnuts to police and drew a weapon to see how they react? Just an example of course, but it doesn’t matter the circumstances or the substance. Killing someone because of a normal reaction they have to your bullshit tactics is not right. It’s sad how many people I see being gunned down by police lately and not one of them are armed. The main defense for this is “but there are some who are armed, and we perceived them as being dangerous”. Boy how did we function back in the day without killing anyone we perceived as a threat? Oh yeah we used caution, common sense, and hand to hand maneuvers (Or how about a fucking taser or other less than lethal device). All these cops with itchy trigger fingers are arguably just as dangerous to society as most criminals, and their actions are defended and viewed as justified. I am not one of those believers. Now don’t get me wrong there are many excellent police officers out there that follow the law, use common sense and are an asset to public safety. This article does not address those individuals, nor is it intended to belittle or knock all police officers. I am just saying police on many sides have too much power and unregulated control. Hell they even have control over life and death these days.

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