What a huge waste of time!


When is the last time someone said that to you? The truth is that everything is just a massive waste of time. That’s what life is after all. Some of us spend hour upon hour binge watching through countless seasons of our favorite television shows on Netflix. Others may spend it outdoors playing some sort of sport, or perhaps only watching said sports on television. What about people who do seemingly nothing but play video games, or build robots, or what ever other time wasting hobby you have. Then you have all the people… Well you get the idea. The simple fact is that all of these things are simply a matter of wasting time. The only thing we need to be worried about is how meaningful it is to us as individuals to waste our time in ways that keep us happy to be alive. What’s bad is when you’re told you’re wasting your all your precious time, and you stop doing what makes you happy. In my opinion that’s when you’ll start losing time.



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Salzburg Siegl Uhr P1250877 by JuergenG
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