Modern Language, A whole new list of failures… *smh*


So since the late 90’s we have made so many shortcuts to language. Now anyone who has had the experience of texting with a 10 digit numeric pad knows that the original reason for this was for texting purposes. Then people started using it for Instant Messaging, even when they had a full keyboard. Now over the last 10 years or so we’ve come up with a whole slew of shortened words and acronyms for what we want to say. We’ve become lazy in some ways, and while LOL is great for sending a laugh, newer words such as “bae” just needs to stop. In case you are not aware of this one:

From the Urban Dictionary:

1.) Word used by ghetto people to address their significant other because they have found themselves too lazy to pronounce the entire word “babe”.
“Welcome home, bae”
“My bae Jamal done spent all his mommas money on these nails gurl”

2.) “Before Anyone Else” Or another way to say babe or baby.
1. She’s my bae, I don’t know what I would do without her.

I don’t understand why people can’t just type out a response properly. Especially when someone has only shortened the length of the sentence by one or two characters. Then you’ve got the people that actually talk this way. People who actually spell out “WTF” or even “SMH” while speaking. I’m not even going to start with that garbage.



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