EMTs, Blood Donations, and Gays


So sweeping our state and country lately is the idea that gay individuals may end up being treated unfairly when it comes to common medical practice. In my state of Michigan this could end up a possibility. The law could affect more then same sex couples however, and could just as easily prompt new racism or lifestyle conflicts.

“The Republican-led House has approved the Michigan Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which essentially states that people do not have to perform an act that would violate their sincerely held religious beliefs.” – CBS News

Emergency Medical Technicians for example, if they do not agree with a persons sexual orientation or race, may celebrate his or her religious freedoms by simply choosing not to help someone that is gay, black, or even Jewish. I highly doubt this will tolerated. It’s like telling someone you won’t save their life simply because they’re black. Most people would consider that racism, and it wouldn’t be so easily tolerated. It may also allow people to practice racism as well. This new law is just another way to allow people to freely discriminate based on an individual’s religious beliefs. Under some circumstances, these may end be life or death situations that these people are in. The law should be modified to protect people from this possibility.

“For example, a Christian doctor who does not believe in a gay lifestyle would not have to treat a gay patient,” CBS Detroit legal analyst Charlie Langton said. “Or perhaps, a Jewish butcher would not have to handle non-Kosher meat.” – CBS News

It would also appear there is a nationwide law that states that any man who has had sexual contact with another man can not donate blood for the rest of his life. If the contact happened twenty five years ago, donations wouldn’t be allowed. The people representing this law figure that only gay men will spread disease and cannot be trusted. Meanwhile, there is nothing stopping straight men and woman, that have opposite sex partners from having contact with hundreds of other people. Those straight individuals may still donate. It’s just as easy for any human on the planet having unprotected sexual encounters with another human to transmit a disease. Why is it assumed only same sex partners can spread STDs and AIDs? Check my sources for more on this because Mark Stern wrote a good article over at Slate.


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